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PIMS & Calendars

SF Kalender
Downloads: 135 Updated: 11/27/2018
License: Shareware Added: 6/3/2007
SF Kalender provides and prints 25 different calendar types, which can be individually changed. With few Klicks fastidious calendars with holidays and own dates are provided. A picture export is likewise possible.

Downloads: 7 Updated: 11/21/2018
License: Shareware Added: 11/21/2018
Never make an important appointment again. The program reminds you in time of birthdays, wedding days, name days, important appointments and repetitive appointments (including time).

iMagic Hotel Reservation
Downloads: 265 Updated: 11/13/2018
License: Shareware Added: 7/14/2011
iMagic Hotel Reservation - affordable easy to use reservation software. Simple to use and install hotel booking software system for guesthouses, small hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts. Download our free trial and try it for yourself!

A VIP Organizer
Downloads: 440 Updated: 11/2/2018
License: Shareware Added: 5/30/2007
VIP Organizer is a personal time and task management software for organizing and optimizing of your workflow. It is a powerful and full-featured tool which helps you create to-do list and track progress of your working tasks.

Smart Calendar Software
Downloads: 387 Updated: 10/19/2018
License: Shareware Added: 10/23/2009
Smart Calendar software helps you to generate event calendar. You can type your events into calendar easily. Events can be highlighted with background or text color. The calendar can be exported into PDF, EXCEL or HTML format.

Comfy Hotel Reservation
Downloads: 306 Updated: 10/18/2018
License: Shareware Added: 6/15/2011
The program assists hotels, apartments, b&b accommodations, motels, guest-houses and holiday homes in managing and maintaining reservations. Hotels and travel agents can achieve maximum time efficiency and best costs in processing reservations.

Cozy Restaurant Reservation
Downloads: 258 Updated: 10/17/2018
License: Shareware Added: 12/9/2009
Cozy Restaurant Reservation is a must-have schedule management tool for any restaurants, bars, pizza parlours, conference halls, party halls, cafeterias. The program has data import, export, password protection, backup copying and printing features.

Repair Shop Calendar
Downloads: 181 Updated: 10/16/2018
License: Shareware Added: 2/2/2010
Repair Shop Calendar is a calendar for repair shops, dealing with cars, bikes, bicycles, home equipment, cloths and shoes. It's perfect to plan working hours, keep track of scheduled appointments and what service bay technicians will be using.

Rental Calendar
Downloads: 234 Updated: 10/15/2018
License: Shareware Added: 4/23/2010
Rental Calendar is a rental management application that will help renters keep track of rental units, plan to rent out resources, calculate and show term of lease, helping you to make decisions quickly. Search, export, backup options are available.

Salon Calendar
Downloads: 222 Updated: 10/14/2018
License: Shareware Added: 7/29/2007
Salon Calendar is a must-have schedule management tool for any company and individual specializing in beauty, fitness and healthcare service. The program has data import, export, password protection, backup copying and printing features.

OrgScheduler LAN
Downloads: 86 Updated: 10/11/2018
License: Shareware Added: 6/13/2011
A networking calendar and scheduling system. Calendar management is implemented at two levels: manager and users. The each user maintains his own calendar, and Workgroup manager can manage all calendars.

Medical Calendar
Downloads: 254 Updated: 10/10/2018
License: Shareware Added: 6/28/2007
Medical Calendar is handy scheduling software for doctors. It supports infinite number of profiles and has a well-organized navigation system. The scheduler allows you to password protect information and comes with a rich set of print templates.

OrgScheduler Pro
Downloads: 286 Updated: 10/9/2018
License: Shareware Added: 6/3/2007
A complete calendar and scheduling system for your events. With OrgScheduler Pro, you can use e-mail or SMS to send appointments, reminders and invitations to colleagues, friends and family members.

Downloads: 291 Updated: 10/8/2018
License: Shareware Added: 6/3/2007
A universal scheduler for individual/business events. Includes importing from iCal,exporting to iCal/Outlook/Text/Html/PDF/XLS. Multiple styles,recurrence control,Date Navigator,timeline views,reminders,Print Designer-all of this is at your disposal!

AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition
Downloads: 381 Updated: 10/3/2018
License: Shareware Added: 11/21/2009
AllMyNotes Organizer is a breath-catching secure random organizer! Save all your private data securely locked from someone's eyes. With this program saving thoughts, memos, as wells as keeping access codes is a pure happiness.

Job Designer
Downloads: 308 Updated: 8/31/2018
License: Freeware Added: 6/3/2007
Schedule your rooms, employees and other resources with our all-in-one solution for generating quotes, invoices and reports. Link tasks, employees, equipment and other items from the user-defined database.

Exchange Category Manager
Downloads: 86 Updated: 7/21/2018
License: Shareware Added: 3/6/2012
Exchange Category Manager is a plug-in for Exchange server 2010, 2013, 2016 or office 365. Without any interaction to the user's pc or Outlook it enables you to manage categories and colors that are available to the users in Outlook

Simply Calenders
Downloads: 79 Updated: 7/16/2018
License: Shareware Added: 6/3/2007
Create calendars to print in 100+ languages. More than 70 customisable styles. 1582 - 9999. Integrated Scanning & Image Editor. Predict and add Christian, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish or Islamic Events. Moon Phases, Daylight Saving. Add own events.

Efficient Notes Free
Downloads: 126 Updated: 6/26/2018
License: Freeware Added: 11/5/2013
Efficient Notes Free is a cross-platform notebook software package. With its unique flash full-text search technique, simply enter a word in a note and you can locate this note quickly! You can sync data across PCs and mobile phones.

Efficient Notes
Downloads: 164 Updated: 6/26/2018
License: Shareware Added: 10/21/2009
Efficient Notes is a cross-platform notebook software package. With its unique flash full-text search technique, simply enter a word in a note and you can locate this note quickly! You can sync data across PCs and mobile phones.
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