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Puzzle & Word Games

Jewel Quest  Updated
Downloads: 86 Updated: 9/21/2017
License: Freeware Added: 6/2/2014
Jewel Quest is a member of the great game genre, "Three in a row" and will provide hours of fun time! The game uses simplicity, novel gameplay and beautiful music in the background to entice you to play for hours!

Gem Phantasy  Updated
Downloads: 69 Updated: 9/21/2017
License: Freeware Added: 4/20/2015
Great game in the genre of match-3. Beautiful graphics, rich sounds and fantastic gameplay - leaving a lot of positive impressions. The game has received a lot of good comments from players. Here and now game is waiting for you!

Implementation Of Trojan  Updated
Downloads: 25 Updated: 9/21/2017
License: Freeware Added: 4/16/2017
You play as a Hacker who hacks into everything he can! To do this, he sends a virus to various interconnected devices, which penetrates into the system, and renders the antivirus useless. Download your virus and get to everyone! Control everything fr

The Sign  Updated
Downloads: 93 Updated: 9/21/2017
License: Freeware Added: 10/23/2013
Long, long ago in a faraway land... No, the description of this game can't start like that. In one typical modern city lives a girl. And in another typical modern city lives her friend. They agree to meet, as they're missing each other a lot and have

CAT VS DOG  Updated
Downloads: 53 Updated: 9/21/2017
License: Freeware Added: 5/19/2016
We all loved playing tic tac toe in our school years. We've updated this classic game with a beautiful design so you won't get bored. The game has two modes: play against a friend or play with the bot if you are single :) Our version adds even more p

Buddy Bunny  Updated
Downloads: 23 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 5/5/2017
Buddy bunny is an interesting, exciting and kind game where you can experience a real feeling of love and show concern. The game will show you how much you are willing to account for the care of real pets. Improve your skills, and stay in tune with t

ART API  Updated
Downloads: 62 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 9/16/2016
We all love puzzles since we were children and know the general concept. ART API is a new way of looking at puzzles from a different angle altogether. With innovative mechanics, all the pieces are in the right radius from the center, but you will hav

Julias Quest  Updated
Downloads: 87 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 11/30/2013
Travel around the UK with Julia and solve the mystery of her grandfather's old diary in Julia's Quest: United Kingdom! Journey through amazing British cities and other places of interest in this fantastic Match 3 game. Learn interesting facts and unl

Vectors  Updated
Downloads: 24 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 3/12/2017
Vectors is a game in which you have to draw shapes to match the templates. It's not as easy as it might first appear. Each time you cope with the task, it becomes more and more difficult to score a point. Pleasant music is included. Play alone or tak

World Boxes  Updated
Downloads: 103 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 9/28/2013
WorldBoxes is a logic game where you must rely on your wit and reflexes to navigate 18 different levels of increasing complexity. You need to lower the main character onto a special platform. The game is entirely based on the laws of physics. Nice..

Mermaid Adventures  Updated
Downloads: 110 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 10/29/2013
We all remember the Mermaid from our childhood cartoons! This time the beautiful ocean creature from the very bottom of underwater world will show us the way to another dimension. There is a huge Neptune kingdom underwater and in order to get there y

Logical Paper  Updated
Downloads: 142 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 6/13/2013
Plunge hard into a world drawn on paper. Your protagonist is a gray cube that has to get into a black frame. But how to put it there? You'll need to think hard and draw a variety of shapes. The game features 14 levels.

Magic Cube  Updated
Downloads: 133 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 12/24/2012
Magic Cube is a mechanical puzzle. The player's task is to assemble a Rubik's cube, turning the face of the cube to return it to its original state with each of the faces displaying squares of the same color.

Rollings Magic  Updated
Downloads: 181 Updated: 9/19/2017
License: Freeware Added: 6/29/2011
Prepare magical potions to save all of Fairyland in Rolling Spells, an enchanting journey for the entire family. Strange creatures have invaded Fairyland, including the dreaded Elephly, and are causing a stir among the land's inhabitants.

Nymbles  New
Downloads: 74 Updated: 9/18/2017
License: Shareware Added: 9/18/2017
NYMBLES is a new (patent pending) puzzle app that uses synonyms, antonyms and homonyms as clue words to help you solve two word phrases and compound words related to the puzzle title. It is fun, challenging and a great learning tool.

Mathematics Easily  Updated
Downloads: 27 Updated: 9/18/2017
License: Freeware Added: 4/10/2017
If you want to test yourself and find out just how fast you think, then this is the game for you. It will help you sharpen your counting and thinking skills.

Plop Flop  Updated
Downloads: 76 Updated: 9/18/2017
License: Freeware Added: 3/3/2015
Plop! Flop! Is a new colorful game in which you must clear 100 levels. Plop! Flop! is a great way to spend some free time and put you in a good mood. The interface is beautiful with clear and excellent mechanics. The game play is flawless and runs so

Sokoman  Updated
Downloads: 88 Updated: 9/18/2017
License: Freeware Added: 7/22/2014
Sokoman - is a logic game where you have to move the blocks on the marked spots. The complexity of the game is that the seats on the board a little and to do the job, you need to move boxes in order.

Cranks Rescue A Planet  Updated
Downloads: 134 Updated: 9/18/2017
License: Freeware Added: 9/15/2013
A little old man is trying to save his innocent planet from being taken over by a villain named Gnumanikus, and to catch him in the process. Help him in this difficult endeavor. You have three characters to play as, each with unique abilities.

Columns Master 3D
Downloads: 140 Updated: 9/16/2017
License: Freeware Added: 9/16/2013
Everyone knows the Match3 game genre. Colorful crystals, berries or fruit, a fun way to pass the time. But few people know that the genre traces its root to the mid-80s, and later, in the 90s commonly found on the game consoles. Game Columns Master..
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