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Search/Lookup Tools

IP2Location Geolocation Database
Downloads: 178 Updated: 6/13/2017
License: Data Only Added: 4/8/2014
IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-LATITUDE-LONGITUDE-ZIPCODE-TIMEZONE-ISP-DOMAIN-NETSPEED-AREACODE-WEATHER-MOBILE-ELEVATION-USAGETYPE is commercial IP geolocation translates IP address to country, ISP, domain name, mobile, elevation and usage type.

Downloads: 5 Updated: 6/8/2017
License: Freeware Added: 4/20/2017
TutuApp is newest App store for iOS and Android users.Its allows to download paid Apps, Games, themes without any payments.TutuApp is nice app,its very easy to download and easy to handle.users can Download new and famous unlimited Apps, Games,Themes

Downloads: 1 Updated: 6/8/2017
License: Freeware Added: 6/8/2017
Echosec is a location first social search and discovery platform. The tool accesses international social feeds in real time and provides filters, analytics and visualization accelerating speed to relevant and actionable information.

Web Data Extractor
Downloads: 24 Updated: 5/8/2017
License: Shareware Added: 8/22/2016
Tool for Mining and Scraping of Data from Websites & Internet. Using this tool get relevant data directly into an Excel sheet from Popular E commerce, Classifieds, Job Sites, Yellow pages, Directories, Portals or any website.

Best Duplicate File Finder and Remover
Downloads: 10 Updated: 4/11/2017
License: Shareware Added: 4/11/2017
Search and remove duplicate files with no trouble. With a influential search engine, you can view all duplicate of any kind and decide whether to copy them, move them to a new folder or remove them enduringly from folders, drives.

Best Website Email and Phone Number Extractor
Downloads: 3 Updated: 4/9/2017
License: Shareware Added: 4/9/2017
Web Phone Number Extractor is an accessible, fast and result-oriented email address extractor software. It extracts emails addresses from search engines, targeted websites.

Copernic Desktop Search
Downloads: 3 Updated: 3/29/2017
License: Demo Added: 3/29/2017
Smart Windows Desktop Search engine for your computer provided by Copernic. Copernic Desktop Search is the best alternative to Windows Search as it allows you to centralize your document, file & email searches in one unique interface.

Domain Checker
Downloads: 58 Updated: 2/28/2017
License: Shareware Added: 3/27/2016
Domain Checker is a domain name availability-check (whois) tool. You can verify multiple domain names at once. This version supports 80 top level domains such as COM, NET and ORG.

Collect URL
Downloads: 9 Updated: 2/27/2017
License: Shareware Added: 2/27/2017
Collect URL scans internet like a search engine bot. Starting from the user entered URL, it lists all the links on the URL. Then it recursively scans all the links in the list. User can limit Collect URL to collect single domain only.

Xing Lead Extractor
Downloads: 15 Updated: 11/28/2016
License: FreeWare Added: 11/28/2016
Xing Lead Extractor extracts profile link, name, emails, phone, Fax, job title, academic degree, number of connections, Occupation, Company profile, address, industry, manager, haves, interests, qualifications, wants ,profile Id from Xing.

GSA Clip Spider
Downloads: 16 Updated: 11/20/2016
License: Shareware Added: 11/20/2016
With this program you can download all the movie clips from a webserver automatically (with or without sublinks). It's very easy to use and gives you amazing results within seconds. This download manager searches all your favorit web links.

GSA Address Completion
Downloads: 104 Updated: 11/17/2016
License: Shareware Added: 5/9/2011
Fill the holes of your address data sets. This software will find missing e-mails, websites, phone and fax numbers to addresses you import. The results are very accurate. There are many options to fine tune the results of the address completion.

Downloads: 15 Updated: 11/10/2016
License: Demo Added: 11/10/2016
DomainWhoIs is a program that can search for Who Is information about web domains using a number of different Who Is lookup servers.

Phone Number Finder Internet
Downloads: 136 Updated: 10/15/2016
License: Shareware Added: 10/9/2012
Phone Number Finder Internet tool is among the most used software to extract phone, Mobile & Fax numbers from Websites, URL's & Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK etc. Great tool to use for marketing.

Keyword Manager
Downloads: 29 Updated: 9/26/2016
License: Shareware Added: 9/26/2016

Arch Search Engine
Downloads: 107 Updated: 8/29/2016
License: Freeware Added: 7/3/2012
Arch is an extension of Apache Nutch (a popular, extensible and highly scalable general purpose search engine) for intranet search. Unhappy with your corporate search engine? Try Arch. It can help. Don't believe? Blind test evaluation tools included.

Phone Number Extractor Files
Downloads: 38 Updated: 8/3/2016
License: Shareware Added: 8/3/2016
Phone Number Extractor Files extracts Phone/Mobile/Fax Numbers from document files such as (PDF, doc, DOCX, XML, HTML, xls, ppt, xlsX, PPTX, RTF, POT, DOT, DOTX, DOTM, CSV, ASP etc) and all supported formats. It can extracts PHONE/MOBILE/FAX numbers.

WebExtract Email Extractor
Downloads: 43 Updated: 6/10/2016
License: Shareware Added: 6/10/2016
WebExtract is a very fast email extractor designed to find both targeted and untargeted email addresses from websites. It can find emails from specific areas of interest or countries of your choice.

WebSearcher 2016
Downloads: 44 Updated: 6/9/2016
License: Demo Added: 6/8/2016
Get better search results with WebSearcher. Get more and varied search results because WebSearcher searches the web by countries, not you're location. WebSearcher has no limit on the amount of results it returns.

Cute Web Phone Number Extractor
Downloads: 80 Updated: 5/28/2016
License: Freeware Added: 5/17/2016
Cute Phone Number Extractor is an easy-to-use, fast and result-oriented telephone/mobile/fax number extractor software. It extracts numbers from search engines, websites and local files on computer.
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