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Cart buddy


Quick specs

Version: 1
Downloads: 79
Updated: 4/26/2016
Added: 4/18/2016
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Putting you in control. because It’s all the tools and shortcuts you need for a better quality amazon shopping exerience,at the touch of a button!It remembers everything so you don’t have too. It's your ultimate amazon shopping companion! It remembers Birthday’s and special occasions such as anniversaries, and reminds you in advance so you can always get a good gift. On time, Every time, So you never forget! It remembers Ideas for things to buy that you don’t have time to research right now. In the form of notes via note buddy. *included* For those eureka, yet time constrained moments! It remembers Search history and web page bookmarks so you can find and easily and imediately get back to it later.*included* It also provides .. One touch instant access to all your account shortcuts Such as amazon myaccount and orders pages to easily keep track of everything!

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