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CoachStat Baseball


Quick specs

Version: 2.0.0
Downloads: 145
Updated: 3/8/2015
Added: 2/8/2015
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

CoachStat Baseball 2 is a complete software solution for managers, statisticians, and baseball enthusiasts. The program includes the ability to enter a single team or track as many teams/opponents as desired. A new database is created for each season recording that season's stats and providing an archive of past seasons. Program features include: Ideal for High School, College, Semi-Pro, Managers/Statisticians Perfect for tracking the stats of your favorite baseball team Extremely useful for fantasy baseball enthusiasts Store individual data for players and coaches Enter as much or as little info about the other teams you play as you wish Track hitting, fielding, and pitching stats View, print and export reports of all stats Stores inning-by-inning data for all games played

User reviews

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