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NTFS Permissions Auditor


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Updated: 7/19/2018
Added: 7/19/2018
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

NTFS Permissions Auditor - saves your business valuable time by simplifying the process of analyzing, verifying and reviewing NTFS folder permissions. Choose the version most suitable to your organizations requirements - our Free version provides you with a comprehensive and effective audit while Pro version offers additional great benefits including the flexibility of powerful, customizable filtering and exports to various formats. Get started with 3 easy steps: 1. Select or import directories you want to audit, or search for other shares and add them to the audit settings. 2. Configure additional audit settings if required or simply leave the default settings on. 3. Press Audit and wait for the results. Easy and fast Easy to setup and get started Get up and running with just one installation - no other configuration is needed. Versatile filters The filters incorporate lots of factors- use And and Or to manage them and get the information you need. You can even add more factors after you've filtered by department, position or manager if necessary. The principal view This view allows you to see users and groups, and all the rights and directories for each user. Optimized caching mechanism To make results faster and more efficient than with similar tools. Filtering Use filters during or after the audit to get the exact information you need: Basic permission Advanced permission Permission access type (Allow/Deny) Permission is inherited Directory inherits permissions Domain name (NetBIOS) Domain SID Group contains no members Permissions are identical to parent directory SID cannot be resolved to account name Apply to Directory full permissions list Account state Account name Account SID Account disabled Folder owner Account manager Account department Account job title

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