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Page Turning Software for HTML5


Quick specs

Version: 1.0.0
Downloads: 246
Updated: 4/16/2013
Added: 4/16/2013
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

First of all, let us look at the main advantages and disadvantages analysis of mobile apps and html5: 1. Feature: This is one of the main problems that HTML5 suffer currently. The technology still cannot achieve some functions. But with the development of HTML5, the problem will be solved in the future. So, local application is dominant at present. 2. User experience In this respect, Local application in the user experience is better than HTML5, because the HTML5 technology evolution is inadequate, while native code can provide more features. 3. Commercialize Due to the app store and native applications are associated with services such as iTunes, and it has the user's credit card information, so the local application easier than HTML5 to commercialization. 4. Cost Because it is cross-platform, therefore the HTML5 applications development cost is lower. And if you want to development platform for all application, you almost need to start from scratch. 5. Channel For this point, different people have different views. But BI Intelligence is more interested in HTML5. Some people satisfied with local applications and app stores, but open web page mode can provide more distribution channels, and reduce the control force of companies such as apple. From the above analysis, we can see that Local application overall advantage at present, but in the long run, HTML5 will win. So, trying to keep up with the steps of development, we should find an advanced way to create PDF ebook. Page Turning Software for HTML5 is flipbook creator help to bring flip page effect on PDF. It is also simple to use PC application enables you convert common PDF to flipbook with page turning effect. No Flash skill required, no need to install other software to converting, just do some steps to create your wonderful and fashion flipping book. All of the PDF resource will be completely conversion on new flipbook.

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