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iDiary4D Essential


Quick specs

Version: 1.7.1
Downloads: 140
Updated: 2/13/2015
Added: 11/19/2013
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

1.Track management functions: Track import functions: from iPTR4D or track files. Track export function: export track as a file. Track editing features: including moving points, adding points, creating routes, editing, segmenting, and merging tracks. 2.File management functions: The management of any form of file: suitable for a variety of automated records; photos, videos, and recording. Other kind of files can also be managed. Open and edit files: files can be opened and reviewed quickly with different kind of default programs. 3. Files and tracks integration: Files and tracks integrated positioning functions: file manually positioning; tracks integrated with intelligent automatic positioning; time correction of multiple files; time zone function. Track and file integration display function: including the integration of static files and dynamic files synchronization track to replay themselves; also be replayed by time or the speed of track, and can be up to 1024 speed; display tracks by flat, high and speed way. 4. Theme editing and management functions: Establish theme function: with this theme function to establish a variety of personal records; by the file management features to create a new topic or add the already established theme; by the track management functions to create a new topic or add the already established theme. Theme editing features: editing the various topics that have been established, including subject name, date, time, keyword and description content; adding and deleting the established theme. 5. Search function of files, themes, and tracks: 7D search function: including files, tracks, time, space (the flat and height), range, speed, and keywords etc. Demonstrate a variety of search results: file opening; display of files and tracks integrated; full tracks replaying function. 6. My map: integration of maps, tracks and files; landmarks customization; switching satellite images and street map etc.

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