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repeat mp3


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Version: 1.1
Downloads: 24
Updated: 2/19/2017
Added: 2/19/2017
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

repeat mp3 by Waveform Area/lrc/A-B Only play mp3 files. 1. mp3/lrc need same directory. 2. the lrc file name is the same as the name of the mp3 file. 1.Waveform Area >(mouse left button push)mouse drag on waveform area, repeat play the selected area. 2.Lrc Area >(mouse left button push)mouse drag on lrc area,select one lrc, repeat play the selected lrc. >(mouse left button push)mouse drag on lrc area,select multi-lrc, repeat play the selected multi-lrc. 3. A-B >keyboard A begin, keyboard B end. repeat play the A-B selected area. How to break repeat play double click on Lrc Area. Or click on Waveform Area.

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